Why I Stand By Self-Publishing Companies

I have always believed that when you have something to share and if you have the talent to express it in a creative way, then why shouldn’t you deserve the chance to get published?

Thank God then for self-publishing, or the likes of me who are not a Stephen King or an Anne Rice could probably never be a published author. My words and thoughts would not even be given the light of day. I’m not saying it would be impossible, but really, with all the competition out there, how can I possibly hope to make myself noticed amidst all those equally talented people also clamoring for the big publishers’ attention? And don’t get me started on the fact that most of those big-time publishing executives wouldn’t even be looking my way if I stood in front of them and started doing cartwheels.

These, folks, are the reasons why I stand by my decision of partnering with self-publishing companies. As an aspiring author who has been trying for years to get herself published, I am also aware that these kinds of companies do get their share of negative criticism. As far as I know, one of them, Bookwhirl, has also encountered issues like this, which they answered in an official statement released on PR Log:

Bookwhirl.com is a professional book marketing services provider for self-published authors, and sees to it that their preferred marketing services are sufficiently addressed and accommodated. BookWhirl.com helps self-published authors promote their published works with its cost-efficient book marketing tools and resources to reach genre-specific readers in a more effective, systematic and convenient manner.”

Because it is the aim of these companies to provide affordable book marketing authors for self-published authors, I am of the opinion that people at least need to give these companies the benefit of the doubt, or at least get to know more of what they are offering before they make any kind of judgment. I am one of those people who believe that we should hold off all judgment until we have experienced or tried something for ourselves.

For my own part, I have been contacted my BookWhirl.com myself and have found their staff helpful. I was assisted by a professional and friendly marketing consultant who carefully walked me through the different packages and services that Bookwhirl offers. What I found out from our conversations was that the company has a wide and diverse array of packages. My consultant told me further that just last year they launched the World Changer Publishing Packages, which from my understanding is for those authors who want to “step their game up.”

All things said, we probably shouldn’t let book publishing companies do all the work for us. After all, the industry is called self-publishing. Anyone who is thinking of going into the same venture should be prepared to do a lot of backbreaking work to produce and market his book. In my opinion, it probably helps if you learn to develop a few essential traits, as described by an article I read entitled “Traits All Successful Publishers Have in Common”, which can be found on self-publishingresources.com.

In case you’re interested to try the services of BookWhirl.com, I would recommend that you contact them first to gather any information beforehand. You can follow them on BookWhirl Twitter, like their BookWhirl Facebook page, connect to them on BookWhirl Linkedin, and view their BookWhirl Myspace. For more detailed info, you can contact them at their toll free numbers:  1 (877) 207 1679 or visit their official website, www.bookwhirl.com.


One comment on “Why I Stand By Self-Publishing Companies

  1. rolark says:

    Hey this is a great post! My friend Doc and I are also super-interested in the success of self-publishing companies and self-published authors. It’s a population we hope to join someday in the future…yep, we’re aspiring authors ;). Good luck in your endeavors too! I hope to read more about other companies like BookWhirl. To be honest, I’d never heard of them before, so you’ve already helped out at least one other writer. Thanks for that.

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